Ensemble Theater work from Dakota Simpson & Simpson Theatricals


Performances on:

Fri Sept 7th @ 6pm

Sat. Sept 8th @ 4:30pm


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About the Show


A comic retelling of Lewis Carroll's famous books in a modern & relatable setting. A modern romp through a classic Wonderland, by way of broad comedy, puppets and freshman english papers! Alice is a fun exploration of kids views on literature, substance and human experience


Cast List


Maria Monreal-Alice

William MacDonald-White Rabbit/Others

Summer Session-Caterpillar/Others

Michael Flores- Cheshire Cat/Others

Hannah Ancora- King of Hearts/Others

Antonio Olivera- Queen of Hearts/Others

Dakota Simpson- Mad Hatter/Others










About the Company


Simpson Theatricals is a non-profit organization doing art for arts sake and is a home for the homeless, voice for the voiceless, is here for producing thought provoking work by some of the best damn 20 year olds in Fresno!