Blake Jones


Performances on:

Fri. Sept 20th @ 9pm

Sat. Sept 21st @ 7:30pm


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About the Show


Blake Jones is known locally and around the state--mostly for his work with his band "Blake Jones & the Trike Shop". A guy (was he drunk?, I didn't have any testing equipment.) came up to me recently at a music festival, and said, "Are you Blake Jones? You're a... one of the  ...Great Lost American Songwriters" I think this might have something to do with my slow adoption of the GPS-Google Maps- Smartphone Revolution. I'm often lost.

I'm doing a solo show called “Make”.

With the world crumbling around you, what else can you do?

Songs, quips, quotes---as we deal with the suck of the world---and


Do we win? Do we win?

From Rogue Festival veteran, long-time Fresno-DIY-O.G.-Musiker.






About the Artists


Blake Jones is known primarily as a songwriter and bandleader. His band, Blake Jones & the Trike Shop, has played all over the state of California, and been overseas touring Europe several (ok, four) times. His music has been played on internet, satellite, and terrestrial radio, and reviewed in publications all over the world.


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