Fringe Factor: Rent Check Edition


Minion Productions


One Night Only!

Fri. Sept 20th @ 10:15pm


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About the Show


 The wildest game show ever is back, for one night only! All proceeds will go towards venue rental cost, so that ticket costs can go directly to our fabulous performers.

Watch our mini-rogue artists compete in high-energy party games for your amusement. Guided by host Grant Evan Knutson, badass sidekick Megan Gott, and one-man house-band Strangely!






About the Artists


Minion Productions -

Minion Productions helps independent artists find resources, collaborate, and plan tours to fringe festivals across North America.

This is Minion's 6th year co-producing the Rogue-sponsored Seattle to Fresno Mini-Rogue, as well as producing shows at Rogue Festival for the last 8 years.


Minion Productions -

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