Suburban Tribe: Unmasked

A Solo Play by Kate Mura


Performances on:

Sat. Sept 8th @ 7:30pm

Sun. Sept 9th @ 6pm


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About the Show

"it was BRILLIANT! Absolutely SMASHING!" - The Penning Girl


How often do hear an engaging story where people behave with generosity and kindness, coming together to support a family in need…?


Suburban Tribe is created and performed by Kate Mura, as a theatrical “thank you” to the New Jersey community who rallied around her family after her father’s freak accident. This tale of (seemingly-too-rare) compassion and kindness features physical storytelling, corporeal mime, improv and a magic skirt! Watch her shift from tragedy to acceptance via the race track, ghosts, and lots and lots of casseroles.



Suburban Tribe: Unmasked, began as a short mask show, Suburban Tribe. It’s first public production was a part of Portland OR's Fertile Ground Festival 2011. It grew to a full length piece and went on to perform nationally and internationally 2013 - 2015 .  Flying home from Paris,  after a successful run at the Avignon OFF,  her masks, costume, money and family heirlooms were stolen at the airport. Suburban Tribe: Unmasked revisits her work without masks. “She performed (or rather took the form) of eight different characters from the community who each took turn in telling the story from their individual   point of views.” - The Penning Girl.


"In 50 minutes, she switches voices and characterizations effortlessly, and offers vivid representations of people who exhibit compassion in a trying time. It gives you hope that people can be like this all the time, not just in the wake of tragedy." - Theater Jones


From Kate: It's kind of strange to be doing a show I have literally spent hundreds of hours on, performed nationally and internationally, unmasked. Until now, it's been a mask show. Billed as a mask show, branding myself as a mask performer. Now, I'm taking the mask off.


Ok fine, they were ripped off by three thugs in Paris in a distract maneuver.


Regardless, it feels like new water.


And I'm hoping it's like the luscious feeling of skinny dipping for the first time. The cool exhilaration of having no barriers between me and the water. Perfect freedom. Perfect acceptance. Then wondering, "why did I ever wear a bathing suit?"


Or in my case, a mask.







About the Artist


Transformation is my passion...


I am an actor, a union stagehand, designer, and coach. I choose theatre as my life's profession because we constantly prove creating other worlds *is* possible. Consequently, I feel it's my work in life & art to inspire the world I want to live in, one beautiful, supportive and sustainable through tragedy and pain.


Some sexy credits include: back up dancer for Salt-n-Pepa for CityKid’s FoundationTenth Anniversary Gala; dancing with President Bill Clinton at the Presidential Summit for America’s Future where I also sang with John Secada; coaching William Hurt in neutral mask

for  No Man’s Land at Artist’s Repertory Theatre; playing The Library Lady in Tomas and the Library Lady with Oregon Children’s Theatre; touring ten states,  performing  for thousands of children with Tears of Joy Theatre in The Reluctant Dragon, Pinocchio, and When Animals Were People; and receiving the Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship to study shadow puppetry, music and dance through Dell’Arte Abroad: Bali, in Indonesia.


As a founding member of Fuse Theatre Ensemble and the OUTwright Theatre Festival (a huge celebration of LGBTQI+ theatre in Portland OR) she has  devised, directed and performed in  multiple shows, including Midsummer Night’s Somnambulism at Bagby Hot Springs in Mt. Hood National Forest. When she’s not in a theatre she can be  found  exploring her surroundings, reading tarot cards and being naked in nature. You can check out for more.