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A Little Bit Off


Performances on:

Sat. Sept 21st @ 9pm

Sun. Sept 22nd @ 4:30pm


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About the Show


From 20-time award-wining company A Little Bit Off (Edmonton Fringe Best-of-Fest 2015&2016) - a show about two sisters of faith struggling to find the light... and stay in it. An absurd comedic look at the lives and habits of Sisters Florence and Margarine. SINsational! NUNsensical! POPEular! Mind ALTARing!

Like Monty Python meets Sister Act....On Hoverboards

We pray you'll join us.


"They don’t just break the fourth wall — they obliterate and then barely acknowledge that it ever existed in the first place...the line between what’s intended chaos and what’s accidental chaos is completely blurred."

-Theatre in London






About the Artists


Co-founded by Amica Hunter and David Cantor, A Little Bit Off is a 20-time award-winning theatrical collaboration between two acrobatic clowns dedicated to bringing wonder and laughter to the audiences of the world. Drawing inspiration from the old American vaudevillians, and French artist James Thierree, ALBO has grown to produce three fully developed shows and countless small acts with carefully selected themes, hilarious characters, intricate relationships, mind-boggling tricks, and a very quirky, off beat flavor. ALBO has performed for audiences all over Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, captivating audiences of all languages, ages, and backgrounds.


Insta: @a_littlebitoff

Twitter: @a_littlebitoff


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