Les Bancs: An Interstellar Clown Show


Classic Comedy from Les Bancs Clown Troupe


Performances on:

Sat. Sept 8th @ 6pm

Sun. Sept. 9th @ 4:30pm


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About the Show


All the other astronauts had the day off, so these three clowns got their big break to go on a  mission to the moon….and completely messed it up. Blasted and bruised from a menacing maelstrom of meteors, they find themselves trapped on Earth’s closest companion. The conditions are harsh, the atmosphere is thin and they only have each other to survive. Will they band together to last in their lonely lunar landscape? Or will their tumultuous tensions propel them to blast each other into space dust? Stay Tuned!


Cast List


Gaelyn Wilkie

Jasmine Vang

Ryan Chiu






Performer Bios


Gaelyn Wilkie (Tall Clown): Gaelyn has his BA in Theatre from Cal State Long Beach. This upcoming fall she will be attending Dell’Arte International: School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, CA. Gaelyn likes Kareoke, Uber driving, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Jasmine Vang (Short Clown): Vang is currently working toward her BA in Theatre Performance at Cal Sate Long Beach. She celebrates humanity through acting and clowning, working towards a presence of mind and generosity of the spirit.


Ryan Chiu (Medium Clown): Chiu is currently working toward his BA in Theatre Performance at Cal State Long Beach. He intends on studying Popular Performance in England at Kent University next spring. He enjoys exploring the boundaries of theatre and the human experience.