Girl on a Bike

By Nat Vickers


Written & performed by Nat Vickers


Performances on:

Fri. Sept 8th @ 7pm

Sat. Sept 9th @ 5:30pm


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About the Show


A two-wheeled adventure of Canadian proportions! Girl On A Bike spins strange-but-true stories of characters from a ride across the country: from graveyard groundskeepers, to wild west proprietors, and wanderers with secrets only fit for strangers. Girl On A Bike is a one-woman storytelling show that retraces a real-life bike ride across the country, from Halifax to Vancouver, uphill and against the wind the whole way.


"Set out on a two-wheeled voyage across Canada with storyteller and adventurer Natalie Frijia. Frijia shares her story of the challenges she faced during her brave journey across Canada on her bicycle, Luna, and of the people she crossed paths with along the way. BikeFace will not only send you on an empowering adventure, it will also challenge your limbic system with a freewheeling ride all the way from excitement to terror and everything in between. The solo act performance includes dramatic lighting, sound effects, and puppetry to keep your eyes glued to the set, though, you won't need it because Frijia commands the stage and captivates her audience with ease. My advice? Don't miss this show."

Reviewed by Katie Robertson.








About the Artist


Natalie Vickers a writer, theatre-making, clown-wrangling, trapeze-swinging, adventuring PhD candidate in drama and environmental studies at the University of Toronto's Graduate Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, and the School of the Environment. She was also a member of Storefront Theatre’s inaugural Playwriting Unit. Her plays have been workshopped and presented at Storefront Theatre, New Ideas Festival, Rhubarb Festival, FOOT Festival, Fringe Festivals across Canada, and Back Burner Producer's annual What Are You Doing Up There?! Festival.


Most of Natalie's best writing ideas come from adventures she's had on her bicycle - from people she's met on the road to beautiful places she's seen. Natalie and her bike go almost everywhere together: parks, beaches, museums and libraries. Usually her bike has to stay outside, but that doesn't stop them from attempting joint adventures. Natalie and her bike have traveled down the Pacific Coast, across Canada, around Ireland, the UK, Central America and Iceland, and through the Rockies more often than she's returned library books on time. In what the Bike unaffectionately refers to as "the off-season", they call Toronto home.