Nothing is beautiful; Everything is fine


By Alexandra Tiscareno and FresNO Dance COllective - NOCO 


Performances on:

Fri, Sept 8th @ 8:30

Sat. Sept 9th @ 10pm

Sat. Sept 10th @ 8:30pm


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Sine Chan-Golston

Brittany Kitchen

Isabel Rodriguez

Jessie Santos

Sahar Shahnematollahi

Alexandra Tiscareno

Shelby Plaugher


About the Show


NOCO presents an original dance show directed by NOCO member, Alexandra Tiscareno. ‘Nothing is Beautiful; Everything is Fine.’ is a 50 minute non narrative dance piece, based on the signature style of the choreographer: athletic, flingy, release-based, set to moody music with a flare for partnering. This will be Alexandra’s debut directing experience, and her third time collaborating with NOCO as a choreographer. We’re thrilled to be back to the intimate venue at Mia Cuppa, and we’d love our audience to come watch this tender piece.


‘Nothing is beautiful; Everything is fine’ was born out of an idea that people perceive life through a variety of lenses. The show addresses 3 themes:

Human Connection | Conformity | Wonder

In these angsty political and social times, art is where we can explore current ideas, to express our voices and to manifest some of the lovlieness and hope we believe is possible. The lens through which we see our lives may change from hour to hour, day to day… sometimes our perceptions and patterns of thought extend throughout long seasons and lifetimes. It is our hope that audiences can experience this dance piece as a refreshing though experiment, to look at the world through different lenses and practice tolerance.


“Creating evening-length work is a significant marker for any emerging choreographer, and I could not be more proud that NOCO can provide this opportunity to someone in our community. It’s always been a dream of mine to create a platform for artists to grow, showcase, and otherwise realize their talents via NOCO. Seeing company members grow into leadership roles this year has been a flourishing manifestation of our commitment to growth, diversity, and sustainability. Alexandra’s show is a benchmark of success for us as a company- the 4th NOCO to direct a show, and I’m excited to see the show in the audience.”

- Amy Querin, NOCO Director










About the Choreographer


Alexandra Beth Tiscareno is a locally grown dance-maker, performer and teacher. She has been a member of NOCO since 2015, where she does all things to expand the culture of dance in Fresno. After a long season with colorguard, Alex began to focus on dance and has been studying at Fresno City College since 2013. Earlier this year, her choreography was selected to represent the dance department at the American College Dance Festival in 2017. She recently completed a summer at Bates Dance Festival in Maine, where she was awarded a merit scholarship and was selected as a part of their Young Choreographers/New Works program. This is Alex's second choreography project with NOCO, and her first time directing an evening-length show.


About the Company


The FresNO Dance COllective is “Fresno’s leading contemporary dance company.” [The Fresno Bee]  The Dallas Morning News calls us “breathtakingly athletic;” but you can call us “NOCO” for short. Since 2010, we’ve been busting our buns to expand the culture of dance through performance, education, and outreach in the community of Fresno and beyond. We’ve collaborated with many local partners, organizations and venues, and we look forward to serving our community.

NOCO is a 501(c)(3) California nonprofit corporation, organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and cultural purposes.


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