The Change


ReVive Dance Company



Performances on:

Fri. Sept 20th @ 6pm

Sun. Sept 22nd @ 7:30pm


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About the Show


A time piece that reminiscent of days long gone...but are they? These four provoking pieces are based around a journey through ones eyes and the butterfly effect of actions that are made from ones change.








About the Company


ReVive Dance Company was established in Fresno CA. In 2016 by Co- owners and directors Miz-Unique Slater, Willam Davis, and Jackie Hunsaker. We specialize in creating and performing for events using multiple Dance styles such as Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Heels. ReVive also offers training/ pop-up classes for the general public ages 18+ . We strive to provide a safe and creative space for dancers of all ages to express and showcase their love for dance . We live to uplift.


ReVive Dance Co. -


Director: Miz-Unique


Choreographers: Jackie Hunsaker, Zachary Garcia, William Davis, Miz-Unique Slater 


Performers: Miz-Unique S, William D, Jackie H, Mickie R, Bianca C, Bryana F, Angel F, Jasmin D, Shane B, Jason P, Candyce R, Daniel S, Bianca C, Karina C, Zachary G, Austin C